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Created by appleman > 9 months ago, 15 Feb 2017
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15 Feb 2017 7:55PM
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Well 27 degrees, huh didn't look like it was going to get there,28 c in the end at about 3.00 pm wind came in ,more north/north than north, laudy front beach was a bit fickle so took the pun, and sussed out cremorne front beach, tide ripping out and north wind running into tide+ a bit of swell ,made some nice looping ramps, Damo ,me ,and the 3 metre shark,.
To much salmon in the bay for it to eat us ,but falling off became not an option.
The back loop is the new forward. Lots of nice air and some nice looping, a bent boom ,one massive catapult, straight trough my favourite sail, un repairable
And a shark, great sail......cheers.


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