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Guy Cribb at Gerroa, NSW next week

Created by KA360 5 months ago, 10 Jan 2019
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10 Jan 2019 11:54PM
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Hey guys! There are still places available on the Guy Cribb course based at Gerroa and he's going to be covering foiling, freeride and waves (but don't be put off if you haven't been in the waves before - Gerroa has something for everyone and Guy will give everyone individual tuition). These courses will improve your sailing beyond your expectations so come along. Wind or no wind these are fantastic events that have been very successful for guests for many years in all weather- please do not be disheartened if it's light winds forecast- this is ideal for learning!
PM me for any more information. I'm happy to tell you more about it. But you need to be quick!


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"Guy Cribb at Gerroa, NSW next week" started by KA360