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Learning in the bay

Created by Puppet > 9 months ago, 25 Apr 2016
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25 Apr 2016 9:40AM
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Hi guys

Just wondering the best/safe spot to start learning to windsurf again?

Guess somewhere like bonbeach with mainly sandy bottom and not too deep?

Main factor will obviously also be wind direction

thanks your advice


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26 Apr 2016 9:18PM
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Hi Puppet,

It really depends where you live - the bay is a big place and there are lots of fantastic places to learn.

Some of the top spots for learning in my opinion are:

SSE - SW = Hampton beach, reduced chop due to the marina but the wind still gets in there pretty well. Mostly sandy although some rock groins to avoid downwind but beach even further down wind so can't get into too much trouble. St Kilda beach is somewhat similar although a little more rough and water quality get more dubious the more North you go.

W - NW = Rye, cross shore and lots of sandbars

NW - N = Bonbeach, Edithvale and pretty much anywhere down that part of the bay is probably pretty good. Green point is popular although probably better places for learning as downwind = long walk - something most bay sailors have done.

NE - E = Point Cook, again lots of shallow waters. Also Rye is good

E - SE = you really should go to sandy point or Inverloch!

Like I said there are lots and lots of other great spots - but these few definitely work.

Have fun and welcome back to windsurfing!


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26 Apr 2016 10:19PM
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Many thanks all the good spots Fletch... I live in cheltenham and have some experience but over 20 yrs ago ??

Purchaesd my board and sail from you guys so may pop in during spring for some rigging advice

see you soon


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28 Apr 2016 2:56PM
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that's a great list, thanks Fletch!


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