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Mallacoota sunday

Created by BSN101 > 9 months ago, 15 Apr 2018
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15 Apr 2018 8:19AM
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Im at the caravan park in town lookin at the abundant flat to flatfish water wondering where the hell do I launch from?
I understand that most of the locals are nursing sore heads from the wedding last night. Wouldn't a sail in the resfreshing water help to clear the thinking cells.
Its 1020am and I need info. Plz
Dave on 0413017871

missing manners, congrats to the groom & bride.

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18 Apr 2018 6:20PM
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Hire a boat and get out to Goodwin Sands on a SW or NE.
The longboard sailors just sail out to it.
Or, launch from Captains Point and sail behind the closed entrance sandbars in Southerly.


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"Mallacoota sunday" started by BSN101