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Maui gear and car rental - any suggestions?

Created by TristanF 9 months ago, 15 Jun 2018
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15 Jun 2018 10:55PM
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I'm off to Maui next Friday - for a FAMILY holiday. But I am hoping to also get a day or so of sailing in.

Any recommendations/tips about hiring gear and a vehicle to cart it around in for 2 weeks?

We're staying at a house in Paia - sort of midway between Sprecks and Hookipa.

Looking forward to escaping the cold!

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16 Jun 2018 7:09AM
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In the past I have hired a Dodge Caravan or Nissan Quest from the airport I would recomend booking it before you get there from these sort of places.
These style of mini vans have plenty of options with folding seats for boards and people to sit.
Personaly I wouldnt go for the cheaper windsurfing van rentals that some might suggest, from what Ive seen they can be pretty average condition for a family trip.

As far as gear rental you have plenty options depending on your prefered brand.

Second Wind , Matt Pritchard, Adventure Sports, Hitech Maui, Kanaha Kai, and more.
They all let you swap gear as needed so you shoud have know trouble getting sorted, just be prepared to be on a 4m a lot!

Have fun mate!

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16 Jun 2018 10:01AM
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Been over quite a few times but not in recent years. We always used to rent station wagons or vans from Al West's Maui Vans. They used to be set up for sailboarding included an esky and deck chairs etc.

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25 Jun 2018 11:49PM
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Would love to go there again! Have been in Maui last year, indeed all the windsurfing rentals recommended seems to be similar in service and price. I used Hi Tech but will try others next time. And yes ~4M sails. Car? Took a van in the airport, thrifty if recall, but im sure that there are cheaper options. If u are after lessons there r plenty of instructors. Paia is beautiful and in a perfect location, closed to Kanaha beach, which is were i used to go.

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27 Jun 2018 10:27PM
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Kimos is cheapest but you may not get a van even though you booked one. First year was OK - Chrysler Voyager - Pretty rough but could leave gear locked in car. Last year we ended up with a Nissan dual cab. When we complained they offered a refund but everything else was booked. Had gear in tray section tied down (This did make us feel like a local as that's what they do). Maui vans is best next option. You will get a van

I used to do family stuff till 12:30 and have my wife drop me to Kanaha beach park ( No real waves in June/July. They would pick me up after 3.5 hours when I was buggered

I hired from Matt Pritchard 1st time. Lovely guy - Try and get a lesson.

Last year I did a week hire with Matt but he doesn't have slalom gear so forecast was for less wind in 2nd week ( 20 - 25 knots) so I went and hired from 2nd Wind Maui and had race sails and slalom board. Was awesome. 2 sails 1 board but would go and swap if was windier. Generally 90 ltr board. People assume that because it is Maui you should be on a 75 ltr board. Use a semi floater for first couple of days. I bought an impact vest with a little bit of flotation in Oz and it makes such a difference as you are not stuffed just treading water.

Cant sail at Kanahah for beginners before 11:00am so it can be challenging as the wind can start to pick up at this time and with rolling swell, beginners can spend a lot of time in the water

Try and catch a round of the Maui race series. Watching the pros is amazing. Even if you cant see the races they will be practicing at Kanaha

Don't take any spare clothes. First stop should be Ross Dress for Less. Designer board shorts, US $8 or less. T shirts $2 - $4 US. I bought 4 pairs of sunglasses - US $4 ea Unfortunately it may take a whiles to extract your wife/partner/daughter and you will return !!!!

Do drive the road to Hana - This will take all day. Do it on the day you are exhausted from sailing. Jumping off the waterfall which is just East of Piea is cool too and free

Go up Haleakala. It is quite cold even on a warm day - 10-15degress Celsius and normally windy.
Don't bother booking for sunrise. This costs extra and there is no guarantee you will see the sunrise if the weather is overcast. Better to watch forecast and leave early 7:00 am to get up there mid morning, back down and still get a sail in.

Don't go for the downhill bicycle ride unless you are all very competent bike riders. You are descending something like 7000 feet. The look of terror on the (Normally MUM) faces as they are riding down is priceless

Ziplining is awesome and well worth half a day. Again book for 7:00 am and you still get a sail. All the zip lining tends to be on the west coast.

If you need a tour guide/driver - I am available at short notice

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14 Jul 2018 9:09AM
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So, now that you are back how did you find things in Maui? How did you go?


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