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Port Phillip SOUP & EPA Beach rating

Created by Joffa3187 > 9 months ago, 13 Dec 2017
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13 Dec 2017 7:52AM
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dirty brown soup in Brighton this morning 13/Dec never seen such filthy water. I was out on the SUP It was a very short and dry session ! take it from me the EPA Beach Watch is not to be used as a guide it reports good conditions due to no rain in past 48 hours this is not an accurate reporting tool. This soup may shift with the tide later today and will only move slowly South is my bet.
I wont be underestimating the danger of ingesting this **** and now have to treat my cut feet with antibiotic. This would not be a problem if we would just #loveyourdrain

VIC, 53 posts
13 Dec 2017 6:33PM
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Cooked seaweed by the sun sitting on top of the water blown into Brighton crns by the northerly possibly...making the water brown?

VIC, 284 posts
13 Dec 2017 10:27PM
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The water coming outta Paterson river last Saturday was brown too. Smelt foul. Sailed further north after that.


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"Port Phillip SOUP & EPA Beach rating" started by Joffa3187