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Sunday 10 April

Created by WindmanV > 9 months ago, 7 Apr 2016
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7 Apr 2016 6:01PM
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Forecast from Sea Breeze:

Sunday 10 April Winds WNW to WSW, 20 – 27 knots.

Forecast from BOM:

Sunday 10 April Winds: NW to W, 10 – 20 knots.

Only time will tell which one is going to be right.

mr love
VIC, 1714 posts
9 Apr 2016 1:28PM
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Both....Will be 25 knots at South Channel and 20 at Falkner

VIC, 382 posts
9 Apr 2016 9:48PM
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More wind and WNW in the south, less wind and NW in the north.

VIC, 14 posts
10 Apr 2016 8:15PM
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Was blowing beautifully on the yanakie side of sandy point, fwiw... Great day!!!


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