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Created by jackmarq 4 months ago, 2 Jan 2018
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2 Jan 2018 6:19PM
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Hi Guys,
A little off topic, but wondering if any wind/kite surfers are planning on heading to Adelaide or Geelong to see the new Superfoiler racing this summer? I'm going to head to Adelaide with the view to a little of my own on-water time after the SF racing & some bike time in the mornings. Anyone want to share the driving & join me. Plus if you ask nicely, I'll let you try my foil board!
Timbo - The guy on the old gear!

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5 Jan 2018 10:52AM
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Hi, Jack,

I think the races will be shown on TV later in the year, as there was a 30 minute "teaser" shown prior to the Sydney/Hobart race.

Here's a good intro to the Superfoilers:

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6 Jan 2018 11:00AM
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I'm planning to get to Geelong if I can, (if I am not at LG) just to see them in action live.
Probably get a much better look at the racing on TV though.


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