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Windsurfing Clinics in Melbourne

Created by BeaBeaG A week ago, 8 Jul 2019
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8 Jul 2019 12:52AM
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I am a French girl and I will be in Melbourne in September 2019.
I would like to do a clinic there, so I can really improve with a coach and not just rent the equipment.
Do you know any places where I could do it?

Also if Melbourne is not the place I can do it somewhere else too ????


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8 Jul 2019 2:35PM
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Good morning, Bea.

We only have 2 x windsurf shops in Melbourne and both offer lessons: Also The Zu is close to Melbourne city (Zu is pronounced Zoo). Also SHQ is about 15 mins. drive, south of the Zu.

Our weather is starting to warm up from September, but the water is still relatively cold, being about 12 deg. C. Suggest you think about a 3/2mm full wetsuit if you decide on lessons, or both shops may hire the suit to you. Here is a link to current water temps: and, at the bottom of the graph, you can see water temps from previous years. Use the "Northern Bay" temperature for Melbourne.

Here is a link to current wind speeds (in knots, not m/s which I think you use in France), direction and temperatures:

I hope this helps you.


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