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Windsurfing Victoria club-outlook and membership

Created by mathew 9 months ago, 5 Sep 2018
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5 Sep 2018 6:52PM
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Hi folks - over the last few years, WV has shrunk in size somewhat. I am no longer living permanently in Melbourne, so dont really contribute to the local scene ... but VIC is my home. Is WV likely to continue ?

Old Salty
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20 Sep 2018 9:35AM
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Hi Matthew,
Great question. I for one would like to see Windsurfing Victoria continue however in a totally different format.
Windsurfing Vic should be a state body that spends its time developing the sport and assisting individual clubs to do the same. Become a State registered sporting organisation and apply for grants to fund development. Working on the long term strategies to increase the exposure to the sport and build numbers. Be a representative voice for the Victorian windsurfing community in dealing with local and Government authorities.
It would be great to see a Melbourne Windsurfing Club running a host of events around Port Phillip Bay but that is not the job for Windsurfing Victoria.


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"Windsurfing Victoria club-outlook and membership" started by mathew