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port phillip bay sea breeze so far 2017

Created by Pigdog3 > 9 months ago, 6 Feb 2017
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6 Feb 2017 2:54PM
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its has been lackluster so far.don't get me wrong there has been local south breezes but not the classic portphillip bay 25knt pluss sea breeze kicking up a nice bay this due to the trough in the nw of australia lingering and not letting the high pressure systems that come across sit high enough north to seat up the "classic sea breeze"(when the centre of the high is north of melbourne) or is it due to the warmer water...the sea breeze shuts down in march..not much time left for it to fire up...

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7 Feb 2017 11:11AM
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Hasn't been great so far... That being said, i never rely on seabreezes, it's good for kitesurfing, not windsurfing. I much prefer those WSW or NW on the surf coast that deliver real wave riding conditions. we've had quite a few so far this summer.

Sunday is lining up well again. Just forget about the seabreezes ;)

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7 Feb 2017 8:55PM
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Was it a dream? I'd visit Elwood or Middle Park in summer after work. Without checking the weather. Rig my 5.5, and be sailing in a sea breeze.

I can't tell if it's a temporary change in the pattern, or it's time to move to W.A.

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12 Feb 2017 7:15AM
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WA is great, but south coast NSW around Jervis Bay would be almost as good for seabreezes. A typical summer would have about 60 days over 20 knots NE.

Plus you don't have to live on the edge of a sandy desert that tops 40 degrees most summer days.


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