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Duck diving your rig

Created by Mastbender 7 months ago, 22 Aug 2018
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22 Aug 2018 2:48AM
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Finally somebody came out with a great vid on how to duck dive your rig in the surf, it's not something new, but it's something that many don't know how to do. It's very easy, but I see people who are in the position, but don't even try quite often, resulting in a swim.

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22 Aug 2018 10:04AM
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Awesome demo , I've gotten real lazy lately and just hold my mast tip and get towed in to shore , then start again

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22 Aug 2018 11:28AM
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Really nice video!

I did talk about it in my 10 tips to white water climbing video:

Duck diving is a must if caught under a curling wave, if they are soft it's not so much needed. I often look and estimate the power first before diving.

The thing is it takes a while to swim the rig back up and waterstart so I try to limit it.

When under rotating backloops, I usually just hang on to the rear strap and boom with mast tip and rear of the board to the wave.

Tip to the wave is good practise, I only hang on to the boom or boom mast depending how I ended up in the water. I try and keep my arms bent and bleed the power. Sometimes there's not enough depth to sink the rig so we can push it down right before it breaks.

We should always be on the wave side, and the gear beach side. If caught at the water start facing the wave then try to ram the board straight into the wave as hard as possible keeping the sail high. If it's big, sink it and hang on!

I recommend taking a deep breath because the wave can pull us out for a ride while still in the white water where we can't breathe.

Also, I would have loved to see rig orientation swimming technique. It's hard to describe but it's basically moving our legs like a mermaid :)

This reminds me that I wanted to work on a wave survival tips for experts. Another thing is that when beginning in waves, one might not recognize the wave stage or even where they are in the break.

But how did I end up writing all this??? :D !


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