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Created by WindsurfingWA > 9 months ago, 6 Nov 2017
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6 Nov 2017 8:13AM
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FREE BEER - Screamin' Leeman - Roy Bell Memorial Classic

Now that we have your attention, the event team, have a large number of commitments including 8 cray boats as support vessels/outside marks, Volunteer Sea Rescue crews, beach volunteers, presentation venue & entertainment, catering and numerous other logistical requirements.

The end of this week is the cut-off for deciding if event will run.

If you enter before Midnight Wednesday you go into the draw to win a Carton of Beer.
or wine to the equivalent value for the non beer drinkers.

Link to Event Registration Page-
Link to Renew Membership-

If you are already entered you will also be in the draw.

Please spread the word and join us for a fantastic weekend away.


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