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French and German windsurfer looking for gear!

Created by MaxFirestorm Two weeks ago, 10 Jun 2019
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10 Jun 2019 1:26PM
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Hi there !
We're Vincent and Max, two windsurfers from
France and Germany visiting WA. Unfortunately, We could bring our gear from home but that we arrived and have seen these good conditions we have to go on the water! If there's anybody out there who'd be happy to share some of your old equipment with us, that'd simply be awesome! It goes without saying that I'd contribute to the costs. We're in Lancelin at the moment heading up north.
Let us know if you're looking for a windsurf company and we would be the happiest persons on earth to join any time :-) 0403939656
Hang loose

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11 Jun 2019 10:36AM
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Hey Frogz,
Just noted u can buy Nuevo twin-fin wavebords for only AU$400 each on seabreeze today - 86litre for high wind & 93litre for lighter days or porky sailors.
Shaped by local legend James Hooper
so perfectly tuned for our waves
The seller must have gone troppo / give him a ring / I hear he's got lots of other stuff in his shed

Mark _australia
WA, 19212 posts
11 Jun 2019 12:50PM
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This time of year is very inconsistent storms and only down south. As you travel north you are heading away from potential wind.
You will already notice today the wind is fading off.

If you want to rent equipment, the shops in Perth do it. Try Second Wind

If I were you I'd look at next cold front (strong westerly wind) and try to be in Perth or south of perth on those days.

Anyway if you must head north and want gear I am in Geraldton and sent u a text.


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