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Patrik Windsurf Clinics and SBYC Opening BBQ

Created by premo A week ago, 3 Oct 2019
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3 Oct 2019 4:05PM
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Patrik Diethelm will be running his famous clinics again this year starting at the Safety Bay Yacht Club opening weekend 12&13 October! Its time to dust off your slalom gear and tune it for the upcoming windy season and get some expert advice followed by a BBQ and coldies after with your fellow windsurfers! Bring on summer!
Great way to get all your slalom gear ready for WWA Slalom Series 2019/2020

Message from Patrik and plan for the weekend :

"Dear WA Windsurfers,

The season is about to start and soon the first events take place. Same as last year Karin and me would like to offer you our support and help in any direction possible -> trimming your gear, tips & tricks about sailing techniques, training your starts and jibes, and of course as brand owners we also have all sorts of equipment at any price level if needed.
The last seasons feedback was great and to see happy windsurf-faces makes us smile as well ? but for this year let's start a bit earlier and get ready before the first race and not during or even after - hehe!

In 2 weeks on Sunday 13.October the Safety Bay Yacht Club has its opening day and we would like to take the opportunity and offer you our first clinic over this weekend and a BBQ (not just meat - lots of veggies too!!) and afterparty at Premo's new crib for those who like to continue the fun ???!!

Patrik Windsurf Clinics Program
Saturday 12 October:
10:00-11:00: Theory - Check & tune your gear.
11:00-12:00: Practise - Check & tune your gear.
12:00-13:00: Lunch break with open questions & answers from/to Karin & Patrik.
13:00-17:00: If windy -> sailing & tuning with active help from Karin & Patrik. If no wind -> more windsurf talks about whatever you are interested in.
17:00 onwards: BBQ at Safety Bay Yacht Club followed by Afterparty at Premo's place!

Safety Bay Cllub Opening
Program Sunday 13 October:
Morning: Prepare your gear for the fun race with Karin & Patrik assistance.
Afternoon: Practise the fun race with Karin & Patrik assistance.
Evening: Few goodbye beers. ?


>> Clinics: Clinics are Free we would just ask if you can register your interest by clicking "going" on FB event so we can have an idea on the numbers

>> BBQ Saturday 12.Oct: The plan is to cook some lamb, veggie curry & salads -> please let us know via FB page drop a quick mail to "Karin" if you are joining so we can prepare ourselves. For drinks please BYO.
Afterparty at Premo's.

Safety Bay Fun Race on Sunday 13 October:
First possible start 1pm

If any of you need some gear and/or spare parts please contact us latest by Thursday evening (10.Oct.) as we will head off already Friday morning early.

Contacts Details:
Karin Mobile: 0475 028 414
Karin Email:
Patrik Email:

See you soon!

Karin & Patrik

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5 Oct 2019 7:31AM
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Nice work guys.

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Saturday , 12 Oct 2019 5:47PM
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Really good for Patrik to give his time and knowledge about windsurfing to help windsurfers get the best out of there gear. Pity I could not stay longer to learn so much more. Thanks for all I learned.


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