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Possible Lancelin Tyre Recycling plant

Created by silvec01 4 months ago, 19 Dec 2018
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20 Dec 2018 6:19AM
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Will need it for the new mineral sand mines going in

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20 Dec 2018 10:42AM
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I work for a mining company in the environmental/rehabilitation field.
I agree, that location appears to have issues. I wonder why the proponent chose that location?

However, if a pyrolysis plant like this can be operated with minimal pollution I would support it ...... at a different location. Tyres are a massive waste disposal issue, better to use them than send them to landfill.

on mining in general, in addition to supporting my family for the past 25yrs, I'm a big user of all the materials they provide (steel, aluminium, paint etc), so I support that too; as long as it's:

Not In My Back Yard

Ian K
NSW, 2802 posts
21 Dec 2018 1:21PM
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Stretchy said..
Tyres are a massive waste disposal issue

I'm sure if we all thought through what our exact transport requirements were we could minimise our tyre consumption quite a bit.


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