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Simmer Style Freemove 100 2017

Created by MattMcC > 9 months ago, 28 Jan 2018
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28 Jan 2018 8:10AM
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Yesterday I tried out and subsequently bought the Simmer Style Freemove 100 from Jesper at Sail Repair WA. I was totally delighted.

I've been windsurfing since 2007 but went straight into fairly low volume boards having got good at blasting but I've been struggling with gybing the whole time.

My success rate was around 40% sailing out at Pinaroo Point in my JP Freestyle wave 85L (old model) and with my first go on the Freemove yesterday (28/1) my success rate went up to 70/80%. Stoked!

The ride was super smooth too - could handle the chop really well and I hit a top speed of 22knts which for me is about the same as the FSW.

I'd highly recommend the board to anyone who wants to get better at gybing but still wants a board that performs.

i'd also highly recommend Jesper at Sail Repair WA who is the WA supplier of Simmer products. I got a great deal, was able to try before I bought and he's a gentleman to deal with.


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