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WWA AGM Sunday 25th June

Created by WindsurfingWA > 9 months ago, 28 May 2017
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28 May 2017 5:52PM
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The WWA AGM is taking place on Sunday 25th June at Nedlands Yacht Club at 3pm. We'll be firing up the BBQ and cracking open a few beers so come and join in to see what's going on in the world of WWA and have your say.

Due to a recent outbreak of procreation in the committee we're anticipating having a bit less time and energy to dedicate to WWA for the next season. We are therefore looking for more people to get involved. If you think that could be you or anyone you'd like to volunteer then please get in touch, we are particularly looking for help in the following areas:
-Kids windsurfing
-Slalom events
-Wave events
-Social events
-Any other aspect of windsurfing you think WWA doesn't cater for as well as it could i.e. raceboarding/beginners/freestlyle etc.

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29 May 2017 9:41AM
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BBQ and Beers. I'm there.
With the season calendar looking really good for next year, it would be awesome to see more people step up and have a go at running a day. Even if you come down to the AGM to see whats required beforehand.
What is there to choose from?
Tripe Crown in Waves - (Gero - Nov/Greenhead - Dec /Margies - Feb)
LOC (Jan)
Cervantes Windsurf Challenge (Jan)
Slalom Racing (Nov - Mar)
Leeman Marathon (Nov)
Kids Training Days (the more the better)
Beginner Lessons (?)

WA, 627 posts
23 Jun 2017 8:33AM
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In case anyone forgot, the AGM is going ahead this Sunday at 3pm at Nedlands Yacht Club. We hope to see you there .


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