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WWA - Kids Winter Activity

Created by WindsurfingWA 7 months ago, 6 Jul 2018
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6 Jul 2018 8:33AM
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A day out in a "special" bush with exciting and challenging obstacle courses high up in the tree canopy, that will have kids and parents swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest.

The main motivation for this activity is to allow the WWA Kids to catch-up during this "out-of-season" period, so they're not strangers when they meet again in Summer.

Note: The venue has been pre-booked for 12/08/18, RSVP by 01/08/18 (via Facebook Page OR

Costs from Lane Poole Park as per below:
? Adults: $48
? Kids (8-17yo): $38
? Kids (4-7yo): $25


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