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Wednesday slalom comp

Created by petermac33 > 9 months ago, 1 Apr 2018
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1 Apr 2018 2:50PM
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A huge loss to windsurfing in WA.

Steve from Windforce did a great job,please come back next summer.

Just so much more convenient the location to so many.

Not having to worry about using weed fins,carrying flares or using a life jacket etc.

Perhaps we can charge 10 dollars per event on the day for say 50 for the approx 10 events?

Half to the organiser and half to Windsurf WA perhaps?

Its just a great location with the buoys already in place.

Fantastic if next summer it can be up and running again.

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1 Apr 2018 5:00PM
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I remember this guy.
Came to the first slalom weekender at Safety bay.
Complained about the conditions.
Complained about the gear he had.
Lied about being a WWA member to avoid paying the extra fees(?)
Didn't end up sailing one heat.

If you actually bothered to get out of your al-foil dome and look at some facts you'll see that the Safety Bay Slalom, Cervantes Challenge and Screamin' Leeman events have been some of the most beneficial things to happen to Windsurfing in WA for a long time.
Instead of complaining about it why don't you come along and help, or better, why don't you put your money where your mouth is Pete and run the racing yourself?

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1 Apr 2018 7:26PM
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A bit uncalled for,no?

I paid 20 dollars and on a 5.5 never got going once so I left big deal.

On a more positive note the Wednesday comp has been missed by a few people I've talked to.

Aware it's not easy in getting people to give up their time running events.

Most enjoyable event to sail.

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1 Apr 2018 9:04PM
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Is this an April fools post Peter ?

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2 Apr 2018 5:57AM
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You're right Peter, A bit uncalled for.
The Wednesday slalom was a great event/social on the calendar, but the time slot and location was a bit unfriendly for anyone working or living south of the city.
However, If you're keen to run it i'd suggest all profits go to the Kids Windsurfing initiative.
It was huge success this year and any more funds to keep that going would be great.
More than happy to assist in some kind of administration way if i can.

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2 Apr 2018 8:27AM
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The desision to not run Wednesday night slalom was a tough one but the reality was that Windforce was no more and there was no one prepared to fill Stephen's shoes. Several seasons of poor wind on Wednesdays had taken it toll too.

Windsurfing WA is always looking for members who are keen to run events. This season we had a balanced calendar and more members than ever so job well by all our volunteers.

Key point is MEMBERS not the ill informed minority who complain events are not run for them. This minority refuses to pay membership ever year and have a history of joining races even when requested not to as they have again not paid for entry.

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2 Apr 2018 2:57PM
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WindsurfingWA said..

Key point is MEMBERS not the ill informed minority who complain events are not run for them. This minority refuses to pay membership ever year and have a history of joining races even when requested not to as they have again not paid for entry.

Sounds like a sligh attack on me. Attack my ideas by all means.

I entered the very first SB slalom from memory a few years back.

On this forum which you can check,I remember it said a certain cost or free for members or 20 dollars if you are a non member.

At a marathon in SB years previously I turned up 15 minutes before the start,rigged up as fast as I could and sprinted to the beach.

I missed the start but luckily there was a false start.

I did not have time to pay my fee for the race before which was my fault but of course I paid it after the race.

Was as a member ongoing for years before I decided to not race anymore.

In my original post I was not offering criticism of any current event outside of Perth or of SB - just trying to drum up support / adding perhaps one or two events on the river. I am still of this opinion.

The river is after all the most popular place in Perth for slalom but then I don't sail at the beach so perhaps not?

Many years ago we had two downwinders from Point Walter to Pelican Point that were awesome fun and enjoyed by around 30 sailors. This race is badly missed in my opinion.

Unfortunately a few others had to be cancelled due to lack of wind.

A upwind race from Peli Point to Point Walter is another race that could be awesome and popular with a straight

down winder back to Peli point after say half an hour rest.

Again,In my original post I was not criticising other events,apologies if it read that way.

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2 Apr 2018 4:34PM
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Peter, I think it would just be a case of giving some notification to run an informal event like the pt to pt races. Given the right forecast and some prior notice I think it would not be impossible to organise some river races. Arrange a meeting point and a start time and were done.

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2 Apr 2018 7:51PM
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OK it's pretty simple, get a bunch of like minded people, determine a course, say GO !
Long figure 8 is great or around a local island or reef or boat if river.

It works in Maui, Noumea why not here oh yeah and have it in clear air on the ocean. You will learn more in 5 minutes than 5 seasons on the river.


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