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mast extension

Created by oldgeezer > 9 months ago, 4 Sep 2017
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4 Sep 2017 7:24PM
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Hi , does anybody know where in Perth I can but a North XRT mast extension. The ones with a ratchet in them. All my masts are RDM. Am not getting younger and need all the help I can get.

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5 Sep 2017 5:36PM
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You might find one, but I don't like your chances in Perth.

you could get one of these instead:

Surf sail in Subiaco usually have them in stock.

WA, 307 posts
6 Sep 2017 8:26AM
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Try they do all things North

WA, 17 posts
6 Sep 2017 10:49AM
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Buy it online from Robin Hood in the UK half the price of trying to get it in Australia


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