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Looking for comparison between 7M and 8M F-One CWC Strike

Created by SquintEastwood Thursday, 13 Jan 2022
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Thursday , 13 Jan 2022 8:52AM
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Has anyone had experience comparing the light wind ability of the 7M and 8M Strikes? I'm wondering, if for my weight of 75kg, how much more low end the 8M would offer over the 7M.

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Thursday , 13 Jan 2022 10:54PM
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Im curious too. This video compares the 6 and 7 and was somewhat informative.

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Friday , 14 Jan 2022 12:41AM
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Dominic Hoskyns made some very informative video,s about the Slick 7m v Strike 8m and lightwind in general.

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Saturday , 15 Jan 2022 8:15AM
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At your weight you only need the 6m max... I have the CWC 6m at 78kg.

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Saturday , 15 Jan 2022 5:23AM
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again, hope you are saying that after comparing a 6-7-8.
a bigger hand wing means a smaller front wing. If you sail on lakes, river with light wind, it makes a super big difference on the fun factor! I can use a 5m and start foiling at around 10 knts with a bigger front wing. However 7m in 7-10 knts with a smaller front's def feel less mow the lawn


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"Looking for comparison between 7M and 8M F-One CWC Strike" started by SquintEastwood