Floating Yoga Classes now in Brisbane

Fitnes Yoga Northside launched the first Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness Yoga class or 'Floating Yoga' (as we're calling it) at the beautiful Redcliffe Jetty Beach.

Redcliffe is Brisbane's answer to the 'North Shore' located just 25 mins from Brisbane's CBD we offer a beautiful seaside village with amazing cafes, restaurants, markets, shopping precinct and much more. 

STAND-UP PADDLE BOARD FITNESS YOGA -The hottest trend to sweep this country is the fusion of SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) & yoga also known as Floating Yoga.

Why? The stability of a paddle board creates a terrific platform enabling one to enjoy yoga
out on the peacefulness of the open water. When you think about it, a paddle board is essentially a floating yoga mat.  The benefits include increased strength, flexibility, focus & the ultimate core workout (utilising all those little stabiliser muscles) to maintain balance & postures on fluid water.

Classes consist of hiring a board (or you can BYO), joining the instructor in a paddle out to
sea for an awesome warmup (spotting stingrays, turtles etc.) and then returning to the
shallows to try out various Fitness Yoga poses. Classes are suitable for all skill sets from
beginners to advanced (options are always available). Children aged 8yrs & older are welcome
to try it.

“We start as we do with our usual Fitness Yoga classes, a warmup for the muscles, some
focus on correct breathing techniques & then we begin our sun salutations & poses on the
board. There is of course an emphasis on maintaining your midline, as this helps you to
stay on the board. But part of the fun is falling into the water when you lose balance! This
definitely highlights which poses you need to work on & you laugh like you’re a kid again!
The biggest thing is getting over the fear and letting go. Remember the board is designed
to stand up on! The greatest thing is your working your entire body with no impact & it’s so peaceful. Great place to meditate!”

So come and try a class soon!

Cost: $25 per person (bookings essential)
When: Held monthly on a Sunday from 7am-8.30am (check website for the next date)
Where: Redcliffe Jetty Beach, Redcliffe Parade
W: www.fitnessyoga.com.au
FitnessYoga Northside
25 Tubbs St, Clontarf
P: 0421 999 433

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