Repair your broken SUP Paddle shaft, good as new!

Breaking a stand up paddle shaft doesn't mean you need to go out and buy a new paddle, anybody with a few hours to spare can fix even the gnarliest of breaks. 

It might not have happened to you yet, but one day - you're going to be sliding your favourite SUP paddle in the car, thinking about how good it's been - and that if you broke it, who knows what you'd do. You think to yourself that you might even quit the sport if it broke, because life as you know it just wouldn't ever be the same without that paddle of your dreams... As you're thinking, you close the boot of your car and hear a cruuuuunch. There it goes, the paddle of your dreams is now in two. 

Never fear! Piros (Rob Pirie) is here! Please excuse the short novel above, but he's made a great little video to show us all how to repair a broken SUP shaft if the need ever arrises. All you need is a bit of alloy tube, some epoxy, carbon cloth and some sandpaper - check it out! 

Remember, never use fiberglass or kevlar cloth to repair a broken shaft. Although you can buy it from Bunnings, fiberglass isn't rigid enough, and kevlar is a pain in the proverbial to sand. To buy carbon cloth, just search for a composites supplier in your area - or ask around in our local industrial estate, you never know - you only need a few offcuts! Never rush the job, as repairing the same break twice is never easy, borrow or hire another paddle for the week and leave the repair to cure for at least a few days. 

If in doubt, go and have a chat to your local Stand up paddling store, they'll be able to repair it for you, or refer you to someone who can. If you have a go yourself, post your progress on the Stand up paddling forums, and remember to thank Piro's for his how to! 

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