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New Guy With Some "Mast" Answer Questions

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Which leader line should I use, and why?

It's one of fishing's most elementary tactics and can make a significant difference to your fishing success...

Periodic boat safety & security inspections

Information relating to a new service starting in Sydney which should interest anyone with a boat, either sail or power, particularly if on a mooring. Too often we come back to our boat to find damage from weather, birds and on occasion vandals.

A New Star for Starboard

Top Female National/International joimns the Starboard SUP AU Tea

Loosen up those ankles before kiteboarding...

Victoria Soloveykina shares the goodies on how..

Original Pacific Magic Plans by Paul Day

Construction information on the The Pacific Magic class 5 land yacht

Lure Fishing Basics 1 - Surface Lures

A beginner's guide to poppers and stickbaits

The right food for Stand Up Paddling...

Supplement and nutrition company based entirely for water athletes.

How to stick a surfpad on your kiteboard (surfboard)

North kiteboarding shares a few tips & tricks on how to get it right...

How to write articles for fishing magazines: taking photos 2

The second of two articles on tips for taking better photos of your fish.

SUP Australia releases its State and National Titles dates

SUP Australia Tour dates are confirmed for the 2012/2013 season!

Travelling to Bali - some Trip Tips

Here are a few tips to help you if you plan on going to Bali to Kite.

How to write articles for fishing magazines: taking photos 1

The first of two articles on tips for taking better photos of your fish.

Beginners guide to improving your SUP paddling

Stand Up Paddle first timers generally start with a lousy grip, lousy posture and using the wrong muscles for a power source. Read how to fix all this...

How to start Kiteboarding

All the information you need to get started in Kite surfing - Lessons, Associations and getting plugged into the community...

How to write articles for fishing magazines

Some advice on deciding the type of article, structuring the article and getting approval for your article to go to print

The never ending SUP wave, with an old school twist

Who would have thought that such an old school boat could be so much fun?

How to tune your kite line lengths

Kite not handling how you think it should - maybe your line lengths aren't right...

Fishing 101: Easy Steps to Growing Your Fishing Knowledge

This article covers a couple of simple ways that you can increase your fishing knowledge without putting a line in the water

How To Stand Up Paddle Surf 101 - Bend the knees!

The most common problem of first time surfers. Straight legs.

How to pack your kitesurfing bag for travelling

Going away on a kiteboarding trip can be a total disaster if you don't pack your kite properly.

Some do-s and don't-s of charter boat fishing

Tips for getting the most out of fishing charters

Stand Up Paddle in Perth

In Perth, and want to get our SUPing?

Safer Kitesurfing from a pilots perspective

How a fighter pilot approaches a mission is how a kitesurfer can approach a sick kite session

Five tips to improve your surf fishing

Advice on bait, reconnaissance, glasses, casting distances and braid and mono lines.

Stand Up Paddle Boards & More...

With a dizzying array of SUP boards on offer, how do choose which one is right for you?

How to make a Paulownia Kite Board

GDog shares how he handmade made his own kiteboard, from scratch

Upgrading your lure jewellery for better fishing results

Changing your hooks and split rings can have a positive result on fish retention - this article looks at the hows and whys of this issue.

How to handle whitewater on your SUP

Surfing on a stand up paddle board has its own unique set of challenges...

How to go from Surfing to Kitesurfing

If you've never kitesurfed before, but love your surfing, then read on to see how you can turn those blown-out days into something amazing...

Tips for better casting distances

Not getting the casting distances you want? This article provides a few pointers that can help maximise your effectiveness in this area of fishing.

What about SUP Paddle length being shorter?

Long paddle, short paddle - getting your SUP paddle length right is important.. check out the idea of a shorter paddle for surfing...

Kitesurfing - How to get started

How to kitesurf - everything you need to know - tips, tricks, gear, and where

BillfishJuice, a revolutionary trolling attractant system

BillfishJuice attractants are set to revolutionize lure trolling for pelagic fish

Entering the surf on your SUP for the first time

Discusses some of the tricks and traps of taking your Stand Up Paddle board into the surf for the first time.

Where to kitesurf in Western Australia (official)

WAKSA (West Aus Kitesurfing Association) list of kiting areas

How to get the best out of your Carbon paddle

Look after your SUP paddle, and it will look after you. Tips & Tricks for longetivity

How to progress in Freestyle Kiteboarding

Henning provides an excellent freestyle Kiteboarding guide...

How to look after & repair your SUP board

Heat, dings and holes can rapidly wreck your new Stand Up Paddle board. Read ways of preventing damaging and and how to fix your SUP board.

How to do a backroll

One of the best tricks to kick off your freestyle kiteboarding career is the backroll - hugely satisfying, and easier than you might think...

Learning more about swivels - Part 2

The low-down on three-way and snap swivels

Where to get an Australian paddleboard magazine

Where do you go for Australian SUP magazine

About Buying Second Hand kites

Some tips & tricks for buying your next kite...

Learning more about swivels - Part 1

The low-down on crane, barrel, box and ballbearing swivels.

Top 5 SUP Myths, Mistakes & Misconceptions

Stand Up Paddle is a new sport, and already myths are developing - read on to dispell them!

Filming kitesurfing over your shoulder with a GoPro HD

Lots of inventive solutions from Australian Kitesurfers on how to get great imagery with the GoPro

What fish is that?! Sites to help identify fish species

Part 2 of the article looking at resources available for fish identification

Perfect your Stand Up Paddling Technique....

Your paddle technique on your Stand Up Paddle board is everthing. A few insights into paddling more efficiently on your SUP

How to mount a GoPro in your kite...

GoPro, CamRig? - how do you get footage from your kite using a GoPro. Checkout this handy invention which lets you film from the kite, and your wrist...

What fish is that?! Books to help identify fish species

Not sure what book can help you with fish identification? This article looks at four popular Aussie favourites that will get you on your way.

Kook or Kool? Your first go in the surf...

It's easy to get carried away with enthusiasm when you first hit the surf on your SUP. Have respect for people already in the surf and learn/earn your place.

PayPal Scammers - read how they work it...

They trawl classifieds looking to scam people out of money..

Fishing Tackle Maintenance - Part 2

Part 2 of this series looks at maintaining rods and line

Choosing the right SUP board

Time to choose yourself a Stand Up Paddle board? Read this beginners guide to the ins and outs of which SUP board might suit you...

Riding in Perth, WA - What you need to know.

The West Australian Kitesurfing Association have put together some handy fact sheets for kiting around the metro area of Perth

Fishing Tackle Maintenance - Part 1

Looking for some tips for maintaining your gear? Start here for tips on reel care.

Catching Your First Wave

Want to get amongst the waves on your Stand Up Paddle board? This article has a few tips & tricks to get you out there and having a go....

Progress your kiting with an Intermediate Lesson

Most people get a few beginner kitesurfing lessons and quickly plateau - this doesn't have to be you!

Ciguatera - what is it

Ciguatoxin is found in certain warm water fish species and is as healthy as a kick in the teeth - this article provides some info on what it is and what to look out for.

Progression of a Paddle Surfer

Discovery of different uses for the paddle while surfing a stand-up paddle board.

How to choose your Kitesurfing gear

A guide to the kites, boards, and harnesses - get the right kitesurfing equipment to get your kiting career off to the right kind of start...

A day in the life of a SUP Downwinder

To the art and love of Downwind Paddling

Kite Innovations - from C to Bow to Hybrid to ...

A look at how far kite design has come in the last ten years - and at the classic kites of 2010

SUP Surf Moves -the Cutback, Floater and Re-entry

Got the basics wired in the surf on your Stand Up Paddle board? Time to start chucking your board around and learning some new moves!

How's your board control?

Are you being slack while you're kitesurfing and not focusing as much as you could?

Stand Up Paddleboard Racing

An overview of the sport and at some of the distinctive classes and types of racing that have emerged.

How to ride toeside

An important skill to get sorted as soon as you've got the basics of kitesurfing mastered.

How to turn your Stand Up Paddleboard

A look at the three best ways to spin your SUP

Skin Cancer & Melanoma

If you're out in the sun a lot, you need to be aware of the effects, and have your skin regularly checked for melanomas

Lose weight, get fit by Walking On Water!

Toss the gym membership and get in shape while doing something fun. Stand Up Paddle provides awesome physical training, and a terrific day out!

Will you waste this summer?

If you want to progress in Kitesurfing, sometimes you need to have a plan...

From Shortboard to Stand Up Paddle

Are you a shortboarder, and you've had a bad experience with SUP, or are interested in SUP? Read on..

Sydney Kitesurfing

Kite surfing in Sydney - lessons, and more...

Downwinders - Hard earned tips & tricks

Tips & Tricks for tackling downwinders - read up & be safe...

How to do your first jump

Kiteboarding jumps are visually spectacular and a real buzz to do. Just getting started? This kiteboard jump tutorial is for you.

What is Stand Up Paddle Surfing?

What is SUP all about? You've seen them out on the water, but what's the full story?

How to go upwind on your kiteboard

Going upwind is one of the first skills you'll need when kiteboarding, otherwise you'll be doing "the walk of shame" .. walking back to where you started, rather than kiting there!
Buy & Sell
Poschelk 7 7 metre
JOG yacht Poschelk design. Drop keel dagger board style,draws to view
Lahui Kai Orca 14 foot, 27 inches
The Lahui Kai Orca is a great all round racing board .Very fast on... to view
5.9 foot
Mt Woodgee Bullet in good condition. 5'9x19x2 3\8. carbon kevlar... to view
5.11 foot
Fire wire Taj in brand new condition, only used a handful of times... to view
6 foot
D A Lewy 6'0x 18 1/8x2 1/8 board in good condition. comes with fcs... to view
Laguna Bay Surf 9.1 foot, 31 inches
Laguna Bay 9'1" x 31 x 4 3/8. Great surf SUP and for cruising around,... to view
Fanatic 8'10" Pro Wave 8.101 foot
Near new 8'10" pro wave. . Great board across a range of conditions.... to view
Naish Hokua Le 9.1 foot, 32 inches
Naish 9' 1" X-32 LE - Limited Edition Hokua SUP Brand new, used once... to view
Starboard Pro 8.5 foot, 29 inches
Starbboard Pro 2011 AST Silver. set up as thruster. Original Starboard... to view
Naish Nalu 10.6 foot, 28 inches
Purchased new Jul 2012, no dings or repairs, a few minor scuffs on... to view
Jimmy Lewis Kwad 8.7 foot, 29 inches
Jimmy Lewis Kwad - current shape and in very good condition 115 l and... to view
Starboard Atlas 12 foot, 33 inches
2013 Model Starboard Atlas wood model. Ideal first board for the... to view
Starboard Wide Point 8.101 foot, 32 inches
2014 8'10 widepoint in carbon construction 143L. This board is in... to view
Walbridge Custom 11 foot
Good condition, a few scratches here and there, but ultimately a good... to view
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