Stand Up Paddle Articles

A day in the life of a SUP Downwinder

To the art and love of Downwind Paddling

A New Star for Starboard

Top Female National/International joimns the Starboard SUP AU Tea

Beginners guide to improving your SUP paddling

Stand Up Paddle first timers generally start with a lousy grip, lousy posture and using the wrong muscles for a power source. Read how to fix all this...

Boards for Stand Up Paddle

What are the different boards available for Stand Up Paddle Surfing?

Catching Your First Wave

Want to get amongst the waves on your Stand Up Paddle board? This article has a few tips & tricks to get you out there and having a go....

Choosing the right fin for your SUP

Changing the fin placement in your SUP can change the feel of the board in the surf

Choosing the right SUP board

Time to choose yourself a Stand Up Paddle board? Read this beginners guide to the ins and outs of which SUP board might suit you...

Cutting your Stand Up Paddle to the right size

Thinking about resizing your brand new carbon Stand Up Paddle? Read On..

Downwinders - Hard earned tips & tricks

Tips & Tricks for tackling downwinders - read up & be safe...

Entering the surf on your SUP for the first time

Discusses some of the tricks and traps of taking your Stand Up Paddle board into the surf for the first time.

From Shortboard to Stand Up Paddle

Are you a shortboarder, and you've had a bad experience with SUP, or are interested in SUP? Read on..

Getting out through the surf on your SUP

Your standup paddle board is a bit bigger than a shortboard, so a few pointers on getting out through the surf...

History of Stand Up Paddle

The "new" sport Stand Up Paddle may not be as old as you think

How to get the best out of your Carbon paddle

Look after your SUP paddle, and it will look after you. Tips & Tricks for longetivity

How to handle whitewater on your SUP

Surfing on a stand up paddle board has its own unique set of challenges...

How to look after & repair your SUP board

Heat, dings and holes can rapidly wreck your new Stand Up Paddle board. Read ways of preventing damaging and and how to fix your SUP board.

How To Paddle your Stand Up Paddle Board

Fantastic 3 parts series on the correct techniques to paddle your Stand Up Paddle board. Prevent Injury, go faster, go longer by using your body & paddle optimally.

How to put a camera on you Standup Paddle Board

There are some awesome videos coming from the front of Stand Up Paddle boards whilst in the waves. Wondered how they get the view - this is how!

How to read runners on your Stand Up Paddle board

Some handy tips for riding swells when you're doing a downwinder on your SUP.

How to ride waves on a SUP

Great tutorial on how to catch waves on your Standup Paddle Board

How to Stand Up Paddle

Awesome tutorial on the basic of standup paddle, and a segment from the TV show "Totally Wild", an introduction to Standup Paddle

How To Stand Up Paddle Surf 101 - Bend the knees!

The most common problem of first time surfers. Straight legs.

How to turn your Stand Up Paddleboard

A look at the three best ways to spin your SUP

How to turn your Standup Paddle Board

Going in a line is easy - learn how to turn your stand up paddle board with these videos

Kook or Kool? Your first go in the surf...

It's easy to get carried away with enthusiasm when you first hit the surf on your SUP. Have respect for people already in the surf and learn/earn your place.

Lose weight, get fit by Walking On Water!

Toss the gym membership and get in shape while doing something fun. Stand Up Paddle provides awesome physical training, and a terrific day out!

Perfect your Stand Up Paddling Technique....

Your paddle technique on your Stand Up Paddle board is everthing. A few insights into paddling more efficiently on your SUP

Progression of a Paddle Surfer

Discovery of different uses for the paddle while surfing a stand-up paddle board.

Stand Up Paddle Boards & More...

With a dizzying array of SUP boards on offer, how do choose which one is right for you?

Stand Up Paddle in Perth

In Perth, and want to get our SUPing?

Stand Up Paddleboard Racing

An overview of the sport and at some of the distinctive classes and types of racing that have emerged.

Standup Paddle Basics 101

How to Stand Up Paddle - the fundaments that set you on the right path

SUP Australia releases its State and National Titles dates

SUP Australia Tour dates are confirmed for the 2012/2013 season!

SUP Surf Moves -the Cutback, Floater and Re-entry

Got the basics wired in the surf on your Stand Up Paddle board? Time to start chucking your board around and learning some new moves!

The never ending SUP wave, with an old school twist

Who would have thought that such an old school boat could be so much fun?

The right food for Stand Up Paddling...

Supplement and nutrition company based entirely for water athletes.

Top 5 SUP Myths, Mistakes & Misconceptions

Stand Up Paddle is a new sport, and already myths are developing - read on to dispell them!

What about SUP Paddle length being shorter?

Long paddle, short paddle - getting your SUP paddle length right is important.. check out the idea of a shorter paddle for surfing...

What is Stand Up Paddle Surfing?

What is SUP all about? You've seen them out on the water, but what's the full story?

Where to get an Australian paddleboard magazine

Where do you go for Australian SUP magazine
Stand Up Paddle Buy & Sell
Bombala Surf Sup 150Ltrs 9.1 foot, 32 inches
Designed buy a Surfer / shaper Phil Myers to Surf!! This board has a... to view
Bombala Cruising Surfing 0.4 foot, 34 inches
Another Great design from Phil Myers. The Bombala 10'6 truly wonderful... to view
Ocean Earth Inflatable 10'4 10.4 foot, 32.5 inches
Super fun and super practical. Unsure what sup to buy. Why not an... to view
GSI Adventure 9'8 154 Litres 9.8 foot, 31 inches
Another great model from Global Surf as the name states it's the... to view
GSI Sixty Fourty X2 163 Litres 9.4 foot, 31.5 inches
Global Surf Sixty/Forty in the "New" Blue & white colour combination... to view
GSI Tom Carroll Loose Leaf 9.6 foot, 29.5 inches
Tom Carroll Loose leaf 9'6 129ltrs last one in stock. And would like... to view
GSI Long Grain 10.4 foot, 31 inches
"Last one" New 2016 Tom Carroll Long grain. Designed by TC along with... to view
Atlantis 2016 Bam Bam 7.6 foot, 32 inches
2016 Full Carbon BAM BAM 7'.6" x 32" Near new BAM BAM plus top... to view
Naish Nokua Gt 9.5 foot
2015 Naish Hokua GT . 9'.5" x 29.5" 140L Awesome board ...Unbelieva... to view
Starboard All Star 12.6 foot
Great board in fantastic condition. never used much. with cover to view
Fanatic Allwave Ltd 7.11 foot
Awesome board great condition few paddle marks Gone over to a stubby to view
Naish Mana 9.5 foot, 32 inches
Naish Mana 9' 5" x 32" 163 litres Good stable board ideal as family... to view
Naish Hokua 9.1 foot, 32 inches
New and extremely accessible wave designs for riders who want the... to view
Fanatic Fly 10 foot, 30 inches
In very good condition. This has been a great first and family sup... to view
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