The never ending SUP wave, with an old school twist

Who would have thought that such an old school boat could be so much fun? Dan Gavere from the Gorge in Oregon, USA dreamed up a crazy new way to get some stand up paddle surfing action in the most unconventional way... 

When you hear the words 'paddle steamer', most would imagine a slow cruise down a glassy river; champagne in hand and soft music from yesteryear playing in the background. For the most part, that's exactly what's going on in this clip - except for the fact that the paddle wheel at the back is putting out quite a respectable wake. 

Now we've all seen oil tanker surfing, and you've probably seen your fair share of trawler surfing in narrow rivers too - but this is quite unique and dangerous. Not only does the stand up paddler have to sit right behind the wheeling blades of death, he actually has to stay quite close to them on one of three little waves that are big enough to surf. It seems unlikely that he's going to be propelled forward into the blades at any time, but you know; 'what if?'

It's risky stuff - but before you start thinking about the paddle wheelers that cruise up and down the Murray river; a little research tells us it simply won't work for Stand up paddling. The paddle steamers they use down south are smaller, and they also run slower so the passengers get a good view of the surrounding river banks. So, in case you hadn't already worked it out - don't try this at home kids...

Check the video out below. 

Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle

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