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2011 North Race Board Ltd
Brisbane, QLD
Kite-course racing is rapidly gaining momentum and the demand for competitive light wind boards is now greater than ever. In the ongoing development to push the light wind boundaries and upwind performance to the absolute max, North's third generation Race Ltd. is once again leading the charge.

The North Race LTD is still the only production race board proven to win major races....

The 2011 Race Ltd. features a shorter, wider design with more volume that will carry you through the lightest wind lulls. An optimized rocker makes the Race Ltd. incredibly smooth and controllable through the chop and you will never have to worry about stuffing the nose when you're flying down wind towards the finish line. The extremely domed deck allows you to maintain lateral pressure for optimal board trimming to maximize your upwind angle. The 2011 Race Ltd. also features CNC-cut G-10 quad fins and Textreme? Carbon construction that is not only performance enhancing, but also extremely light, reducing weight by 20% over conventional carbon construction. So if you're looking to get out in the lightest possible breeze or blazing around the race course, the Race Ltd. is the absolute performance leader.

Hottest Arguments :
? fast as lightning
? easy control
? greatest upwind performance
? race fins standard: 24 and 22 cm, 3? angle

180 ? 59 cm


Kitesurfing - Race boards

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