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9:11 PM Thu 28 May 2009 GMT
'What is that big yacht doing buried in the sand? Where is the owner?' Asian Yachting
Over in Rawa Island Resort, 16 km off Mersing Johor in Malaysia, gawking guests have, for the last eight years, been provided with a discussion topic: What was a big racing yacht doing buried up to its proverbial neck in sand?

Asian Yachting this week tells the story:

Tengku Khairul recently decided to dig out his father's beloved racing yacht Impy that has laid buried on the beach for the last eight years in front of his Rawa Island resort.

At the height of the La Nina storms back in December 2000 the mooring line on the Jeanneau - Selection 37 broke and the rough seas drove her onto the beach in front of Le Club Rawa, breaking off the keel in the process.

When the shifting sands returned the winner of the first ever Phuket King's Cup in Thailand was completely submerged up to the deck and full of sand inside to the gunnels. There she laid for many years and became a discussion topic for resort guests and passerby's to glare at in amazement. How did she get here? Who owns this boat? and Who would leave it in this condition? Were the most commonly asked questions.

Unfortunately Tunku Alang passed away before he could do anything about Impy and often remarked that going by the extent of the visible damage, it would take a miracle to revive her.

Recently when some of the original crew, Singapore's Jeff Low and Toon came together on the island, they issued a challenge to the incumbent Tengku Khairul to raise Impy from her sandy grave and that a concentrated effort was being made. So come quickly!

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