New Boat Ramp Finder App

...Date: 23rd April 2013

PRESS RELEASE : Boat Ramp Finder - iPhone App

FPI Marketing Pty Ltd is very proud to announce the development and launch of Australian Boat Ramp Finder on the Apple App store (Android coming soon).

Australian Boat Ramp Finder has more than 1500 boat ramp locations around Australia.  Users can search "Nearby" and get the nearest locations of ramps by distance.  They can also search "By Location" and get the result from a specific location e.g. if you are planning a trip or you are browsing from the couch.  You have the option to view a list of locations or you can map your results.  If you select a location you will get the nearest address and a suggested route to that ramp location. We estimate 95% of all Australian boat ramps are listed but if you know of another then you can also "Add a ramp" which sends feedback directly to us.  At that point we will verify and list it in the next update.

The app is fuelled by what we believe to be the most complete database of boat ramp locations in Australia.  This database was personally researched and verified taking months to complete in 2012. In most cases the pin location is dropped right at the top of the concrete ramp.

The app is available for just $2.99 per download (way less than a cup of coffee these days!).  It is currently available for iPhone iPad and Android devices with mobile data (GPS).  The app is already appealing to many different users including Boaties (obvious one), Fisho's, Jet Skiiers, Wakeboarders, Waterskiiers, Trailer Sailers, Wannabee boaties or friends and crew of any of the above.

Click here for a direct link to the App store

For more information or to contribute to the conversation go to:

The Facebook page is intended to be a community to share and contribute information.  We plan to add more information to the app including photos, number of lanes, ramp surface (concrete, sand, earth etc) current state of repair as we gather additional information from personal research and contributions from users.  As it says in it's title this App is a finder not a guide or right to use the locations.  As such we always say to seek local advice before using any ramp.

On another note if readers have any suggestions for other marine related apps then please feel free to contact FPI Marketting.  As well as launching our own App, FPI Marketing can code and develop apps for your business or for you personally on Apple iOS or Google Android or both....

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