Bertish Brothers drop into some Cape Town Bombs

The Bertish brothers are known for going big on a SUP
It's messy, it's choppy, it's blown out and it certainly 'aint perfect. But it's big, and these two are paddling into it like champions. 

Chris and Greg Bertish get amongst some amazing swell off Cape Town, South Africa in this vid that was released yesterday. The guy who filmed the whole thing, Peter Peterson says:
"Onshore winds and mangled seas filmed into the afternoon sunlight makes for silvery black and white effect - enjoy! PS: Chris is on his forehand while Greg is on his backhand"

And he's not kidding! Although mangled, the boys make the most of the big wave guns from Naish and a custom from Jeff Clark to paddle into what would normally be considered insane swell. You'd never see a prone paddler tackle this without a ski, so hats off the the boys for getting out there! 

Interestingly, we don't ever get to see much action from the production gun boards. When Naish released their model of SUP, dedicated to big waves it was scoffed at by many in the paddling community. The general consensus was that not only would the boards never really get bought (or used), but they'd encourage paddlers to go out in swells that exceeded their ability. Turns out, while they might have been right on the first count, we havn't heard of anyone causing trouble with a gun in big swell, only a few video's of guys absolutely ripping in waves that could only be described as epic.

If you think you've heard of these two before, chances are you have. The brothers are known for chasing big swell all over the world. Back in August last year the two were spotted off SA in a spot known as Dungeons, dropping into some absolute monsters (see above). That also explains why they've both got big wave dedicated SUPS.  

Check out the video below, and comment in the forums here. 

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