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  Saturday, 6 August 2016

Windsurfing is "Like Nothing Else"

Every windsurfer knows the feeling, when the wind is blowing and the gear is in the car. It's a feeling like nothing else.

Pozo - Training grounds for the greats. Since For-ever.

Watch Robby Swift throw down some insane moves at Pozo during his annual training trip to the windsurfing mecca.

Lancelin Ocean Classic 2017 - Open for Entries

The Lancelin Ocean Classic is one of the world's best known water sports championships, supported by Tourism Western Australia and held in one of Western Australia's most beautiful coastal pockets.

Three crazy guys go windsurfing on the same board!

When three blokes decided to turn some heads at Defi Wind, they designed a board that can take three rigs!

US Slalom Champion 2016

Sailworks rider Philip Soltysiak (CAN9) wins 2016 US Slalom title at recent National Windsurfing event at Corpus Christi, Texas.

RS:X Convertible Hydrofoil Begins Testing

A few months after Neil Pryde teased a revolutionary new one-design concept, initial testing has begun off New Caledonia.

Foils go indoors, and so do the veterans!

Back for the first time in a long time, the Indoor de France put on a spectacle for those lucky enough to get a ticket to the best show in the world.

Moreton Bay to host World Raceboard Championships

Brisbane's Moreton Bay will play host to the worlds best raceboard sailors this Summer, with the 2016 Raceboard World Championships being held from the 20th to the 25th November.

Waterman in Arms - Two legends of the ocean, one playground.

Two boys from third world countries, both world champions, both love the ocean. Stick them in a place like Mauritius, and a freestyle showdown was bound to happen.

Olympic inclusion guaranteed - Neil Pryde RS:X Convertible

8 years before the event, Neil Pryde has released their dream for the 2024 Olympics, and it might just cement Windsurfing's inclusion in the sailing program for the foreseeable future.

Rewind 30 years, and windsurfers were foiling!

You might know that hydrofoils aren't a new invention, but did you know that windsurfers were foiling in the heyday of the sport, back in the 80's?

JP becomes first windsurfer to ride triple mast high Nazare

Logo high is fun, Mast high gets the heart going. Double mast high waves - that's for the pros only. Triple mast high? Jason Polakow must be crazy!?

Sail to a Flat water Freestyle Oasis.

A stormy flat water oasis in the North Sea? Sounds perfect for a spot of freestyle action!

Expression session the world's #1 in Lancelin

One of the most famous windsurfing events in the world - the Lancelin Ocean Classic commences tomorrow

Windsurfing One Eye, why it's so good!

Tucked away on the south western tip of Mauritius, a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, is a place called Le Morne. Home to one of the fastest, and most infamous breaks in the world called 'One Eye'.

New World Record Broken - Antoine Albeau in Luderitz

In the Namibian desert, a small group of people set out to become the worlds fastest windsurfers.

Lancelin Ocean Classic Registrations now open

Registrations are now open to windsurfers, kitesurfers and paddlers to enter the 31st Lancelin Ocean Classic

Aussie KanGURU'S Hit Mauritius Attitude Freeride Challenge

A team of 5 Windsurfers and 1 Kitesurfer, travel to Mauritius and are about to make a remarkable assault on the team challenge in the premier windsurf and kitesurf event. With all sailors actually from Western Australia, the assault is a good representati

Tribute to Peter Volwater

A great windsurf legend has died. We will never forget him.

Lancelin Ocean Classic 2016 Dates Announced!

Dates announced for the 2016 Lancelin Ocean Classic and for the first year ever, the windsurf and kitesurf marathons will follow the same course!
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