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Author should i buy AirSUP ?
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Posted 21/5/2012, 8:50 pm        Report
Im looking at getting an inflatable sup as i travel a lot and would like to be able to take a board with me where ever i go. i noticed the airSUP boards on ebay for around 700 delivered has anyone used or seen one? are they any good or am i better off spending the extra dollars on a red paddle or naish ect? I'm around 100kg and have little kids that would love to come out for a paddle from what I've read the naish 6" looks to be the choice but if i the air sup is ok i only need to spend half the money.
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Posted 22/5/2012, 6:53 am        Report
airSUP are made at the same factory as red paddle, C4, RRD and a few others so the quality of the boards are very similar. in Australia at the moment we do not sell through dealers so there is no middle man taking a cut - hence the price difference. although best max weight for surfing is about 90Kg, it depends on the rider's experience... one of our staff is about 107Kg, he rides a 9'6" airSUP
the more weight you put on it the lower it will ride in the water, so it will move slower. airSUP we have in Australia now are all 4" thick, so if you want to load up with yourself and a few kids then a 6" thick Naish might be better choice.
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Posted 23/5/2012, 7:08 pm        Report
Simon, I went from a 12'6" Naish AST to a 10' Naish 6 inch thick AIR MANA SUP. If you inflate it to the max - around 15psi it feels stiff but still does wobble a bit in waves. I live on a boat and found the AST board too easy to damage getting it on and off the boat. Likewise the board was a bit cumbersome onboard due to the length and it was easy to damage the boat. The AIR MANA is very boat friendly, easy to ride, stable and packs down to a size to travel with. The AIR MANA is not however cheap. Another boatie in the marina has a UK brand air SUP which is so flexible it is almost impossible to stand on. Cheap but useless.
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Posted 23/5/2012, 7:15 pm        Report
You can get these off Andrew Allen at Balmoral Paddle Surf . I've had these boards for 2 years now still going strong.
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