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Author Impact vests and SUP
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Posted 17/05/2013, 6:51 am        Report    
Has anyone had any experience or thoughts about using an impact vest or PFD riding big surf on a sup?
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Posted 17/05/2013, 7:12 am        Report    
Laird and co wore them at chopes. Good idea until you need to dive deep I have thought about it but have not been out in real big stuff for a while. One day I will don my old tow in vest just to see how it goes.
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Posted 17/05/2013, 12:16 pm        Report    
good idea I reckon. My old man has a pacemaker in his chest, been trying to get him out in the surf but he is worried about hitting it..... impact vest would help....
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Posted 17/05/2013, 1:01 pm        Report    
Yes have been thinking about one for times you are solo in the water......this seems like the best nz deal
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Posted 17/05/2013, 1:53 pm        Report    
The Bertish brothers always wear an impact vest when SUPing big waves. Sometimes even two. It makes a huge difference when suffering a hold down - you pop up much quicker. We also use them instead of PFD's for our ocean racing, our rules allow it. Most popular ones are the Mystic, O'neill and Ion.
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Posted 17/05/2013, 6:09 pm        Report    
I've got the mystic impact vest that I use for kite surfing, would be great for SUPing as lots of freedom and range of motion for the arms and very comfortable too. I mainly use mine incase I get spanked (too old now, takes too long to recover from injury) and couldn't see why that theory couldn't be applied to big wave surfing (not chope style...)
New Zealand
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Posted 18/05/2013, 11:18 am        Report    
I wear an Oneill Revenge Vest just to give a bit more floatation and warmth. Also a bit of padding around the ribs can come in handy. I have started wearing it all the time.
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Posted 18/05/2013, 12:01 pm        Report    
Ive got an Oneill vest similar to the one above. Theres never anyone out where and when I surf, so if theres any size in the waves I wear it. Very very comfy and warm and no restriction in movement.
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