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Author Latest Offering From Inverloch Windsurfing Club
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Posted 17/5/2012, 10:12 am        Report
The Summer Edition of The Gritty Truth is out and with a contributing article from our latest overseas member Peter Hart, I think it is worthwhile for all seabreezers to take a look at his article that has relevance to all levels of windsurfing - including me Enjoy
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Posted 17/5/2012, 1:31 pm        Report
I've been reading this and found something that I find puzzling. The author of one story advises can be used for more than stirring up trouble. Is this this true? Actually this newsletter reminds me of now defunct Aussie windsurfing magazines, especially the one from Victoria, Sailboard Extra, I think it was called. Thanks for spending the time putting it together and sharing it.
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Posted 17/5/2012, 11:23 pm        Report
Wow..midnight..been reading forever. Great club atmosphere, will surely go from strength to strength. Very sad to hear of Ray Fehlberg passing. When asked once how to improve my motley bits of beginner rig, I can still hear him say "Burn them!!!"
New Caledonia
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Posted 18/5/2012, 5:09 pm        Report
Holy crap batman !!! I'm in it !!! I can only confirm everything written about New Cal, except the part about me : as the first thing my girlfriend said after reading it was : " so you spent all morning on the beach with his wife while he was sailing...." Nice report Drift !!!
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