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Author Starting out wavesailing
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Posted 8/5/2012, 7:21 am        Report
ruth said...Where do you sail? There are a few keen women sailors down in Safety Bay if you want company.
Hi ruth, I currently sail, spending time between Hervey Bay, Cairns and Port Phillip, Victoria, I'm away from home on a two year course but back home mid next year, close to Safety Bay so will be great to catch up with some other women sailors. Kale.
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Posted 8/5/2012, 8:45 am        Report
Obelix said...
Congratulations. Thats' a great progress in 12 months. I'm so envious
PhilSWR said... on smooth drawn out turns in lightish winds around 8 to 14 knots. Step two- Once comfy with step one, repeat step one again but in stronger winds from 12-15 knots and you'll tear the waves to peices...
When Ocean Reef shows 12-15 knts is hardly visible on the surface. What sort of sail would a 100kg guy need to sail a wave board in 12-15 knts?
Thanks mate, still a full L plater but starting to get comfortable in the surf and make some half decent turns. It's funny, I feel better in the waves than on flat water- but I'm sure that steems from a surfing back ground. Hopefully by next December (that will be 12 months sailboarding) I can jump on the near paid off 85 lt Quatro I have sitting in the shed As for sail sizes for a 100 kg sailor , not sure I'm a feather weight, but 12-15 knts has plenty of push to get on waves, so surely something around 6 meters should do it?? Maybe some of the bigger wave guys will have a better idea... Cam11, don't forget to tell us about ya first outing in the surf Keen to here your take on it. Cheers
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