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Sunrise:6:31 am
Sunset:4:54 pm
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Weather Legend
Gale Force - 35+ knots
Smelly Shorts Wind
35+ knots
Fresh-Strong Wind - 17+ knots
Fresh to Strong Wind
18+ knots
Moderate Wind - 11-17 knots
Moderate Wind
12-18 knots
Light Wind - 0-10 knots
Light Wind
0-12 knots
Light Wind - 0-10 knots
Read the wind speed from
the middle of the arrow.

Arrows are where the wind is going. Compass legend inside each graph.

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Data for the wind & wave graphs sourced from the Bureau Of Meteorology, NOAA, our weather stations, and other sources. Wind & Tide data © Copyright Commonwealth of Australia, Bureau of Meteorology (BoM)