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About Seabreeze

The Rumours Are True!

If you heard that we're ocean junkies, we admit it. We can't get enough of being in, or on, the water. What drives you? A howling 30 knots, a solid 6 foot swell, or maybe a complete glass off so you can drop a line in?

Seabreeze.com.au is perfect if you want to know what the conditions are now, or what they are going to be.

You will also find busy Forums, News, How-to's, and the best Watersports Classifieds to keep you informed and getting out doing your sport.

Seabreeze is the #1 choice of Australian Kitesurfers, Stand Up Paddlers, Windsurfers, Foilers, Wind Wingers and Surfers/Longboarders. We are honoured to host the most popular watersports forums/2nd hand listings for each of these sports - more ocean crazed addicts than any other site in Australia! - an honour & a privilege - thanks crew!

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