Guys use Drone to Perfectly Position Bait & Catch Huge Tuna!

With the drone revolution well-and-truly taking over the world, there seems to be no end to their uses. Fishing, has remained relatively free from the machines with the occasion buzz from overhead as an avid angler has a buddy film him reeling in his catch. But now, they're being used to great effect!

Have you ever spied a school of fish out to sea, just beyond casting distance? It happens ALL THE TIME in the surf, and it's frustrating. In years gone by, many have tried kite fishing, which it an ancient technique to drop bait miles offshore in some cases. But you need the right wind direction to do it, and you can't see where you're dropping the bait.

Enter the DJI Phantom. This white drone, popular for its easy-to-fly characteristics and on board camera, is the perfect tool to locate schools of fish and drop bait right in the middle of them! In these guys case, it was a school of Tuna and a tasty looking squid.

They dropped it right in the middle of the fish, and after a few suspicious passes, one unlucky guy took a swipe. The fish disconnected the line from the drone, which stayed aloft to film the catch, and one bloke on the beach reeled it in.

Cheating? Perhaps. Would you give it a try?