This Chick Loves Freediving in 2 Degree water!

Sticking with a wetsuit this time of year? Most divers, and a great deal of freedivers tend to choose the rubber over a case of hypothermia. Not all freedivers though, this one loves it when the water is not just cold, but freezing!

Kiki Bosch has been training to adapt to cold environments for a great deal of her life. When others are squeezing into 6mm wetsuits, she's donning a bikini and diving right in, despite her body screaming 'No! Don't do it!'. (Those are her words). Why? It's about being closer to nature, meditating, and letting go of life's thoughts.

"I think a big part of dealing with it (the cold water). Is just really surrendering to it. The moment you stop fighting it, it becomes quiet, it's a moment to go back to yourself, to centre yourself."

So this year, she and a team of expert underwater film makers headed to Iceland. Yep, a place named after how cold it is, to go for a swim. While there were no fish to see, it was spectacular none-the-less, in a crack between the North American and Eurasian continents. This crack widens a few centimeters every year, and as ice melts from the Langj?kull Glacier, it filters through ancient lava fields before filling the space with perfectly clear water.

Check out the incredible underwater images, and footage of Kiki Bosch freediving in the freezing water….