Money Saving Tips for End of Season Kite Shop Sales!

With the kitesurfing season slowing down in Australia, many kite shops are beginning their ‘End of Season Sales’, ‘Winter Closeouts’ .

Now is your time to buy a brand new kite for way cheaper than you could at the start of the season.

But you have to know what to look for..

Get the best gear for a great price on current model kiteboarding gear at your local kite store, by following these tips.

1: Know what you want.

By this time of year you should already know what kites or boards are hot, and what’s not. Use reviews, demo days and forum threads to work out what you want, and go get it. Asking the shop staff for their suggestions, as they have plenty of expert advice to offer.

2: But don’t be picky.

Colour options are by now, not an option anymore. For the best deal, be prepared to take whatever colour the kite store has left in stock.

3: Use your niche.

C-Kites, female specific models, small sizes and race gear are specialised gear - if you’re interested in it – chances are the shop will be keen to help you out.  This is great news for lighter riders and those riding niche disciplines, so use it to your advantage.

4: Pay with cash.

Real cash, not your credit card. A giant wad of pineapples (that means $50 notes) is far more effective at dealing than your ratty old plastic card.   The banks take a big chunk from the shops whenever you pay by credit card, so using cash means the whilst the same amount of money leaves your hands, the shop will be better off.  Let it be known that you have cash and see if it helps.

5: Shop local.

Friendly faces get friendly discounts, especially If you’re a return customer. Pay an extra few bucks for a kiteboard the first time at your local kite shop, and you might save plenty more on next seasons purchase. Help the store out on demo days, share their facebook posts, help them, and they will help you even more - it's a two way street.

6: Sell your old gear privately.

Trading in your old kites might be fast, but it costs you money.  Each shop will have a different policy - some love the 2nd hand, others not.   If you want to save the most money, sell your kiteboarding gear online with Seabreeze instead. 

7: Pre Order for next season.

Can’t find what you want? Put down a deposit, or pay for next years gear now for massive discounts before it’s even released. Most shops will discount gear that hasn’t been released yet for pre-payment.