Huge storm hits Volvo Ocean Race Fleet

We love a bit of weather here at, and the teams from the Volvo Ocean Race have given us something to be excited about this week, as they sailed through a cracker of a storm in the southern ocean!

The Southern Ocean is one of the most dangerous places on earth for a sailor. Strong winds, huge waves, and near freezing temperatures combine to test even the most hardened sailors skills. This week, the teams competing in the Volvo Ocean Race have endured not just the ordeals of the Southern Ocean, but a massive storm during their leg from Cape Town to Melbourne.

All week we were watching as a storm brewed off Antarctica. It's a huge low pressure system, with winds reaching 50+ knots from the West - North West. Seas built to heights of 7m and in the middle of it all, was the fleet from the Volvo Ocean race. While they were beyond range of a helicopter, the crews on board still grabbed some incredible footage as they raced flat out down the swells. Double reefs in the main, tiny jib and the foils absolutely screaming, they pushed their boats to the limits.

Check out the footage below, to see some of the most uncomfortable sailing you'll ever see!