Don't miss out - Paradigm Lost with Kai Lenny

Rare these days, is the feature length surf film. But backed by the global media giants of Red Bull, this new one about Kai Lenny not only runs for a full hour, but is filled with some of the most spectacular footage ever seen. Featuring a list of cameo appearances from professional surfers longer than we can list, HD coverage from locations all over the world and every sport from surfing, to windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddling given more than enough attention - this is a movie not to be missed.

Best of all? It's free for a limited time!

You've heard of Kai Lenny, but have you heard the whole story? The true story? The stories from when he was just a kid, who's dad wouldn't let him paddle out at Jaws?

While those days are gone, and some say Kai Lenny has surfed more waves at Jaws than anyone else, the life of Kai Lenny continues to be fascinating. Did you know he struggled to be accepted in the big wave community?

"Even at my home spot, when I went shortboard surfing I didn't really have a place in the lineup." Explains Kai. "What kind of got me into that place where I was accepted by the crew, you know the surfing crowd, was really (surfing) Peahi."

Albee Layer was one of the crowd; saying during a lengthy section of the film, "I know at very first when I saw him catching big waves, I wasn't stoked. I was like, what the F? You mean that little kid from Sprecklesville? If you knew him, like if you were here, it happened pretty quick, within a year you knew Kai Lenny was legit, but for the rest of the surf world (especially in big waves), It took him a long time to be respected as one of the best guys. Because he is one of the best guys…"

See for yourself what he's been through, and where Kai Lenny is going in the future - for free! On the Red Bull website right here.