If My Life Is Taken, Don't Take Theirs: Fin for a Fin

The shark cull debate is raging around Australia right now, and no matter which side you're on, until now the only way to be vocal about it was to either A, be vocal about it, or B, stick a bumper sticks on your car. But a new idea from a couple of Aussie blokes is going about it differently, with an anti-shark-cull message that also acts as a medical bracelet type reminder for rescuers, in case you do get bitten by a shark.

It's called the Fin for a Fin Campaign, and they're selling surfboard fins with a message printed on them. The idea, is that when you're dragged up the (now bloodied) beach by your mates, or half a surfboard is found floating at sea, the fin tells them 'If my life is taken, don't take theirs'. Meaning, don't use this to lobby for a shark cull. The proceeds also go to Shark conservation and tracking organisations, to help proactively reduce the amount of shark attacks in Australia.

Mike Coots has been there, he has one leg as a result of a shark attack a few years ago, he said this week; "Shark incidents can evoke vengeful responses from family, friends, communities and governments. As a surfer, I understand I'm entering a shark's natural environment. For our oceans to be healthy and fruitful; we need to coexist. And coexisting is not culling. I just don't believe culling is the right approach to take in 2017." He's on board the Fin for a Fin campaign, which has started this week in Indiegogo. They're making surfboard fins in a Thruster, or single fin setup, as well as towels and sticker and t-shirts.

Check it out on IndieGoGo , or the Fin for a Fin website.