The Ultimate Guide to Beginners Wind Foiling: Video

There’s nothing intuitive about wind foiling, or any hydrofoiling for that matter. It’s a feeling like no other, so the best way to train is to get out there and give it a shot.

But it helps to have a little guidance on what gear to choose, how to carry the board to the water and how to actually get up and riding. The guys from Big Winds over in the US have all the answers you need to have a great first session on your windfoil right here in this video!

Common Questions From First-Time Wind Foilers – Answered!

How do I carry my board, rig and foil together?
How do I get up on the hydrofoil?

How much wind does it take to go wind foiling?
What rig size do I choose for wind foiling?
Can I use my existing board for Hydrofoiling?
How do I set up my board for Wind Foiling?

Check out the video for all the answers below!


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