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The Evolution of a sport...

Created by shi thouse 5 months ago, 13 Sep 2018
shi thouse
WA, 726 posts
13 Sep 2018 8:56PM
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WA, 4467 posts
14 Sep 2018 8:35AM
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Awesome sport. Except rocks hurt more than water

WA, 361 posts
14 Sep 2018 9:17AM
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The opening shot reminded me of the time that I rode a bike down Blackcomb mountain next to Whistler in 1992.
Safety equipment was running shoes and a hat.
It took several hours to ungrip my hands off the brakes handles.....

NSW, 256 posts
14 Sep 2018 12:07PM
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Not exactly downhill but can't get my head around lefties

WA, 2507 posts
14 Sep 2018 7:23PM
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yep - awesome sport / resulted in our gaining 3 x grandsons

WA, 250 posts
15 Sep 2018 10:03AM
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ahh, the 90's - when the elastomers were the pinnacle of suspension technology
great to see guys smashing it down on hardtail bikes with Rockshox Quadra 21 and Manitou Comp forks

NSW, 2485 posts
15 Sep 2018 2:27PM
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Too many wheels...


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"The Evolution of a sport..." started by shi thouse