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2009 Rebel bladder replacement

Created by Abi93 24 days ago, 13 Mar 2020
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13 Mar 2020 1:44PM
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Hi there, just needing to find a bladder replacement for a 2009 rebel 9m. A shop in Perth has a 2010 - just wondering if they are interchangeable and if this would fit?! Finding it hard to find a 2009. Any help would be appreciated. Hoping to get some more time out of the kite.
cheers !!

WA, 83 posts
13 Mar 2020 7:07PM
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Hi - I can sort you out with a replacement...... flick me a pm or text

To add - the 2010 will not work in the 2009 model as the rebel changed from 4 struts in 2009 to 5 struts in 2010

Cheers Ryan
The Sail Doctor
Kite repairs

WA, 692 posts
13 Mar 2020 7:51PM
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Yeah, just call Ryan. He's not only the best, he's also very reasonable on price and he guarantees his work.

WA, 537 posts
14 Mar 2020 9:35PM
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I've just been using a rebel for the last four weeks really like them.. V stable held 12+kn' gusts really well was astonished. we fixed the bladder however yours must be 'wrecked'


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"2009 Rebel bladder replacement" started by Abi93