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Any tips appreciated

Created by 0llie 3 months ago, 25 Nov 2023
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25 Nov 2023 10:45AM
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I just got the whip out the shed and planning to head to geelong for Xmas so prepping gear early. She has these hairline cracks on the rails and I've shoved some putty in there before but this time round I wanna do a "proper" job
Any tips on how to gouge out the rail and get a good key for the glass?
And any tips on stuff to use?
Heard the bunnings tin burns out the core polystyrene or whatever that foam is inside

Froth Goth
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25 Nov 2023 9:45AM
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I thought everyone was just drying out stuff like this scrapeing it out til clean then filling with that funny foam liquid stuff then sanding and glassing

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25 Nov 2023 3:32PM
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Bunnings fibreglass repair tins burn/ dissolve polystyrene....epoxy resin repair is correct product.


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"Any tips appreciated" started by 0llie