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Calling ALL kitesurfers to join an essential scientific study!

Created by Sally234 A week ago, 11 Feb 2024
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11 Feb 2024 7:16PM
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Calling all Kitesurfers!
Join our study about injuries in kitesurfing to improve medical care for our community and develop prevention programs especially for kitesurfers. EVERY kitesurfer is encouraged to participate - even if you have NEVER suffered any injury while kitesurfing. Join the study by clicking on the link - and don't forget to spread the word. Let's make a collective impact on the future of kitesurfing!

Froth Goth
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12 Feb 2024 10:12AM
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Wow thats funny im also conducting a medical study

Aviation induced divorce syndrome is no joke and i would like to pay everyone for the data im requesting from you so that i can make money from that data.
Its only fair.
So please send me your bank details and let the medical studys begin!

(Totally not insurance related its kiteing related honest)

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12 Feb 2024 4:05PM
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How about a useful study like "Do your balls get bigger the higher you jump?"

A qualitative study of my own progression would suggest there is a strong correlation. You will need to get the calipers out and find some newbies to conduct a longitudinal study on. Go change the world Sally234

WA, 726 posts
14 Feb 2024 12:04AM
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I did one of these surveys a few years ago...
It hasn't helped me and I didn't win anything...
& I am still learning to bodydrag ..

Nice idea though studying something
Intrigued on how you would expect to develop 'prevention programmes' though.......that would be impossible.
Or..just don't jump ..don't touch a kite #at all# and stick to backgammon or chess
Or these days pokemon or play 'kitesurfing' on xbox..
P.s has anyone invented that game yet?

VIC, 1467 posts
Friday , 16 Feb 2024 9:31AM
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Froth Goth
294 posts
Friday , 16 Feb 2024 12:03PM
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Grom punching simulator 2000


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"Calling ALL kitesurfers to join an essential scientific study!" started by Sally234