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Doutone track system

Created by dp2012 2 months ago, 13 Jun 2022
QLD, 4 posts
13 Jun 2022 10:17AM
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Hi, my footpads on my new jaime are sliding up the track system when I ride. Has anyone had a similar issue and solved the problem? Screws were done up pretty tight.

Mark _australia
WA, 21614 posts
15 Jun 2022 4:46PM
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Screws too long and bottoming out in track? So they're tight against the bottom but not retaining the strap by applying pressure at the top...

WA, 861 posts
17 Jun 2022 10:50AM
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They shouldn't slip at all. Make sure as Mark has said, you are using the correct 14mm screws and that you have your track nuts the right way up.

If you aren't using these genuine parts it would explain the issue. Contact your local Duotone stockist.



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"Doutone track system" started by dp2012